Mall Experience

This is an in-city benefit, whereby the eligible customer will visit (with one- guest) one of our partner participating shopping centres/malls (as shown on the list of partners), and present the eligible "mean of access" to the staff at the customer- service desk. Once verified, the customer will be handed-over a preloaded-gift card "equivalent of USD 250" for that particular mall to shop with at every store. The customer will NOT be charged for the offered service as per the Véloce World program, unless they decide to purchase more items (beyond of the offered value). Unless stated otherwise, all below venues are available to eligible customers on a (four-visits/collections-per-year/per-country). The "preloaded-gift-card" maybe collected from one of the participating shopping centres/malls “once every three months”. If a customer attempts to visits the same or another shopping centre/mall within a period less than three-months from the time he/she has collected the last gift-card, the system will block the transaction, and inform the staff that the customer has recently collected a gift-card from a particular location, and that the customer has to wait for (certain number of days until the counter which was triggered when the card was swiped to collect the earlier card, resets for a new period of three-months). All benefits automatically available to the main cardholder, as well as each supplementary cardholder + one guest for each.

Bicester Village

50 Pingle Drive Bicester, Oxfordshire, OX26 6WD, England

Kildare Village

Nurney Road, Kildare town, County Kildare


3 Cours de la Garonne, 77700 Serris, France

Wertheim Village

Almosenberg, 97877 Wertheim, Frankfurt – Germany

Ingolstadt Village

Otto-Hahn-Strabe 1, 85055 Ingolstadt, Germany

Maasmechelen Village

Zetellaan 100, 3630 Maasmechelen, Belgium

Fidenza Village

Via San Michele Campagna, 43036 Fidenza (PR) Satnav – Italy

La Roca Village

08430 Santa Agnès de Malanyanes (La Roca del Vallès), Barcelona, España

Las Rozas Village

C / Juan Ramón Jiménez, 328232Las Rozas – Madrid, Spain