Lobby Experience

This is an in-city benefit, whereby the eligible customer will visit the hotel/venue (with one-guest), and present the eligible “mean of access” to the hotel lounge staff (prior to sitting and ordering). Once verified, the customer will be presented with a special (Véloce menu) to select from. The customer will NOT be charged for ordering from the (Vélocemenu) only.

Unless stated otherwise, all below venues are available to eligible customers on a (six-visits per year/per-outlet). All benefits automatically available to the main cardholder, as well as each supplementary cardholder + one guest for each.


KARAT Lounge (Dubai) Mercury Lounge (Dubai)
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Condition


** Sample menus (items) are provided for reference.

  1. Should the customer decide to order more items or items that are outside of the provided special menu, the cost will be charged directly to the customer at the outlet.
  2. Each outlet has its own dress-code rules, which the customer needs to adhere to.
  3. Seating is based on first come – first serve, unless a prior booking has been made by the customer and guaranteed in writing by the outlet.
  4. There are no restricted times or dates on accessing the outlets, unless it's a general change that applies to all customers.
  5. The number of visits allowed for each customer, are applicable to each outlet separately (i.e. you could visit each outlet separately six times a year – one visit per month).
  6. With the exception of (Giardino Ristorante – Palazzo Versace Dubai), which the arrangement is for a “dinner buffet”, the rest of the outlets are on an a-la-carte basis.
  7. All of the above outlets accept both cards & QR codes technologies to gain access and utilise the service.
  8. Customers are highly advised to regularly check our mobile application or website for updates.